Dental Night Guard

Do you wake up with sore jaws, teeth, and headaches? You may be suffering from night time grinding and clinching. We as humans live extremely stressful lives. Your body has many ways of coping with stress including gritting and grinding your teeth at night. This can cause many problems. Our patients will complain of teeth hurting, jaws hurting, jaw muscles hurting, and frequent headaches. Another noticeable sign of bruxism, or night time grinding, is wear on the teeth. Teeth are only supposed to contact each other brief moments while chewing and talking. Constant contact of opposing teeth can wear the teeth down over time.

One of the best solutions for preventing damage to your teeth is wearing a mouth guard at night. This prevents the teeth from touching and will stop further damage to your teeth. Night guards can also be made so that if clenching and grinding occur, it can act as a shock absorber. This will help with jaw pain, and frequent head aches. Ask us at your next appointment how you can prevent further damage to your teeth and get relief from grinding your teeth at night. I don't miss a night with my night guard!

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