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For about one year now we have been using Glidewell Labs in California for all of our crowns and bridges. We made this switch to 100% Glidewell because we were getting amazing results. What used to be a difficult appointment fitting a crown into the mouth became one of our easiest. Greater than 90% of the crowns we permanently cement never need to be adjusted. Occasionally we will need to adjust the bite, but hardly ever is it more than a touch up. The natural look of these crowns coming from our lab are just stunning. I wanted to share a case that we finished up a couple weeks ago with a little more detailed explanation.

This is how our patient came to us. She complained that her tooth was getting darker and had broken in the back. Upon further explanation, she didn't like the black line near her gums on the front teeth.


Cosmetic Crown Before

Custom Shade Matching

By documenting the case with several photos, we can better communicate with the lab regarding shape, size and color. Holding a shade guide against the tooth with allow the lab to compare the known color (A2 in this case), with her natural tooth color. The lab can then custom design the color that will perfectly blend in with her natural teeth.


The following photo is after cementing these beautiful IPS E.max custom shade crowns. Her dark, broken, root canal tooth is now beautiful and white. Her two front teeth are now free of having dark lines at the gum.

Cosmetic Crown After

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