Our First "Throwback Thursday"

Today I thought I would do our very first Throwback Thursday. Of course I had to pull out an old....er... black and white photo of Dr. Stelzman. Dr. Stelzman started Morristown Dental Center in 1980. He had a practice in Strawberry Plains and had heard that Morristown was seeing a population boom. He decided to start a denture clinic in Morristown. With just a front office and a treatment room, Morristown Dental Center was born. Eventually Morristown proved to be a great market and patients were requesting more and more treatments (crowns, partials, bridges, root canals.) Eventually he permanently moved to Morristown and has been here ever since. Over the years Dr. Stelzman has built a name for himself with dentures and partials. As a policy, Morristown Dental Center has always offered free adjustments on dentures and partials that were made by our office. Most of our patients are completely comfortable with their new denture or partial after a week or two of adjustments. Occasionally further adjustments will need to be made. These are always free for our patients. We enjoy giving our patients a new smile. "A new smile can build confidence and self esteem more than anything. I mean, come on, look at that good looking guy in the photo!"

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