Do you have Chronic Migraines and Jaw Pain? Botox may be the answer.

The word Botox may bring to mind many thoughts and emotions. Age reducing, wrinkle smoothing, and muscle relaxation just to name a few. Botox has been used for many years to improve the appearance of mild to moderate facial wrinkles. In recent years it has even expanded uses to help reduce armpit sweating, and frequent urination. The most monumental use for dentist is with TMJ disorders, facial pain, and chronic migraines. A large majority of chronic migraines originate from the chewing muscles. Injecting these muscles with Botox can help relax the muscle, helping to reduce migraines and reduce the extreme load on the TMJ. An overall relaxation of the jaw and muscles can help to decrease head and jaw pain.

Being the skeptic I am, I tried it for myself. I had my muscles relaxed with Botox while taking a course in Atlanta. Since having my injections, I have noticed less jaw pain, my wife has not heard me grinding my teeth once, and I have not had one headache. If you suffer form muscle head aches, grinding your teeth, and jaw pain, Botox may be the answer.

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