Dental Health and Your Child

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One of the most common questions I hear: "Do you all see children?" The answer is, YES, we love children. Dr. Stelzman and I both enjoy entertaining and treating children. Children should start coming to the dentist with their parents as early as possible. By two years old, a dentist should have at least looked into a kids mouth to see if any problems exist. Cavities can be seen and fixed before becoming a larger problem, also, good hygiene habits can be reinforced. Slowly getting kids acclimated to the dental office is a great way to start them on a lifetime of excellent dental health. I had the privilege of paying a visit to a preschool on Friday. The kids had the opportunity to see dinosaur teeth and fossils, and learned how to properly brush and floss. We enjoy having the opportunity to educate our community, young and old, on the importance of keeping a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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