Dentists Like Snow Days Too

No one is ever too old for a snow day. We hate that we had to cancel appointments, however we always want our patients and staff to be safe. There may more inclement weather next week and we will continue to update our facebook and website. Here is a photo of Dr. Hamilton and his wife enjoying the snow at their home.

morristown, east, tn, dental, dentist, snow, hamilton

This next photo is baby Callie. Our assistant Christy sent us this photo of Callie enjoying her first snow. It looks like she absolutely loves it.

morristown, dentist, tn, dental, puppy, dog

Our hygienist Missie sent us this photo of her dog. Her dog was not happy about the cold weather.

morristown, tn, dental, dentist, dog, stelzman

Our staff live all over the lakeway area. We had several staff sending in pictures of what the snow was like at their house. It's not every winter Morristown gets 4 inches or more of snow.

morristown, tn, dentist, dental, stelzman, hamilton

We hope everyone had a safe, fun, and warm couple of snow days!

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